He slammed the door so loudly and with such fury that Anne cringed. she looked up and stared at a face she hardly recognized. He passed by her desk without a word of greeting or even a nod and sat on a desk across hers. A moment later , she heard the ferocious tapping on the keyboard. 
  Anne wondered what could have happened to make him this angry. but she needed his help. She passed a file across to him requesting his assistance. He ignored it, still typing furiously.

   Feeling offended, Anne fumed. How dare he vent his anger on her? she wasn’t even the cause, so why should she be on the receiving end of his wrath.

Well, he could stew for all she cared, she didn’t give a damn.
  But Anne found that she couldn’t get her mind off him. Yes, he was wrong in treating her the way he did, but was it right to give him a dose of his own medicine? She didn’t have to stoop to his level.

She knew she had to do something.

 She got out her phone, typed a brief message and sent it. She watched as his phone beeped and he picked it up, but she couldn’t read the expression on his face as he read the message.

She waited for a response, but got none.

She  tried again

Typing a second message, she sent it and waited .

Still no response.

That was it, she is done trying. She ignored him and focused on her work.
   Anne checked the time, 1.30pm, feeling hungry , she got up and made to go for lunch. She turned to ask him if he needed lunch, then stopped. forget it, he would just ignore her anyway.
    Thirty minutes later, Anne returned to find the file she had given him on her desk. she opened it and was surprised to find he had filled in the blank spaces. As she placed it back on her desk, she noticed a folded note tucked between the pages, she took it out and unfolded it.

The note read;

“I’m so sorry Anne for my behavior earlier, thanks for helping me realize my mistake. Frank”

Anne glanced at him and he glanced back, a cheerful grin on his face.

She saw him joke with a client who smiled back in return.

That was definitely the Frank she knew.

Her colleague was back.
    Anne sat back pleased. a scripture flashed through her mind; A soft answer turns away wrath. Prov 15:1

Anne was grateful for not yielding to her anger.

Grateful for choosing to act rightly.

Grateful for Frank’s cheerful mood afterwards.

Really grateful for indeed she had imbibed a life lesson. We are not defined by people’s actions towards us, we are defined rather by our reaction to their actions.




The Journey Begins

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